Advertise My Website

Advertise My Website

Advertise My Website

More Website Traffic + Higher Rankings on Google?
Advertise your  website on Google and other major search engines and start gaining instant traffic to your website. Immediate results.
There’s more to putting up a website and waiting for visitors or orders to come knocking.

One of the primary ways that Internet users find Web sites is through search engines. That’s why a Web site with a higher search engine listings may see dramatic increase in traffic which consequently leads to more leads and more sales.

The Internet is one of the toughest places to compete for new customers. Getting your products or services in front of potential customers when they are actually looking for your products or services is one of the major determining factors to running an online business. Search engine advertising (Yahoo, Google, MSN, AOL) is one of the most effective ways to get potential customers to your website.

If your website is not listed at the top of search engine results, the chances of getting visitors to your website is pretty slim. Why loose potential customers or revenue to your competition? If your website is not listed within the top 10 or 20 of search engine results, then you are definitely losing to your competition. How can you position your website side by side your competitor on search engine results?

ADVERTISE MY WEBSITE – Paramount Webmasters can help you drive qualified traffic or potential customers to your website through our search engine placement technique. Getting your website side by side your competition on search engines requires proper search engine knowledge and techniques. We can guarantee increased traffic to your website over a period of time.

Our search engine optimization service include the following:

Keyword Research – Generate the most relevant keywords for your web site. Up to 35 to 50 keywords.

Content Writing – Write relevant text for search engines relating to your web site

Link Building – The more relevant links that point to your web site, the higher your web site will be crawled and perhaps rank higher. We will build quality links to your website.

Web Site Analysis – Analyze your existing web site and provide relevant information on what we will do to improve your search engine rankings.

Meta Tag Analysis – Analyze your existing meta tags (including title, keyword and description tags).

PPC Management – Manage your pay per click campaign on Google Adwords at no additional cost

Monthly Report – Provide you with a monthly report on your search positions.

Traffic Report – Provide you with a daily traffic report of the number of visitors to your website by date, time, keyword, search engine, time spent on site.

Maintenance (BONUS) – We will maintain your existing website with updates @ no additional cost.

Web Hosting (BONUS) – Host your website on our reliable server. Transfer your hosting service @ no additional cost.